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Calculate PAYE taxes

Find out how much you will pay as annual and monthly PAYE tax on income.

Determine statutory contributions

Calculate the amount of statutory contributions on your income.

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The form is easy to use.

Tax equalization

Individuals with a tax equalized option can determine the PAYE taxes in Nigeria.

Expert solutions

How much taxes should I pay on my salary?

Will I pay tax on my local and foreign income as an expatriate?

As an employer, should I pay my employee’s salary in full without deducting any portion as tax?

Personal income tax is a direct tax. It is a tax on the income of chargeable persons and usually generates up a couple of questions for taxpayers. BRC online calculator is a great tool that helps employers and employees to estimate the payroll tax. Our full payroll service also helps businesses and individuals to manage their compliance with multiple payroll regulations in Nigeria.


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The tax calculators and tax briefing are compliant with the Finance Act 2020.


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  • Online PAYE tax calculator
  • Online pension calculator
  • Statutory contributions




  • PAYE tax calculator for tax equalized persons
  • Gross-up calculation

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  • A personalized consultation session for an assignee who wants to know his/her Nigerian tax position and residency status.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the calculator contain changes in the Finance Act 2020?

Yes. The calculator includes changes in the basis for determining Consolidated Relief Allowance and exempt persons. The effective date is 1 January 2021.

Can anyone use the app?

Yes. The calculator is easy to use for employers, employees, and non-tax professionals too. To get started, click here.

How can I know the tax rate on my salary?

The calculator has a section for the effective tax rate on the gross pay.

Is anyone exempt from PAYE tax in Nigeria?

Exempt persons include individuals with an annual income of NGN360,000 and below.

My employment income is split into tax equalized and non-equalized portions. What do I do?

We have designed a custom calculator for you. Please click here to request this service.

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